Nicaraguan Panel Project

 In 2010, while visiting Nicaragua to supervise our "solar oven" project, Rotarian Karen Parkhurst learned of the need for limited use electricity in one of the remote villages that received some of the ovens.  Due to its remote location the best solution was solar panels.  She brought this need to the attention of the Victor-Famrington Rotary club. The club raised funds and partnered with a Nicaraguan Rotary club and an "NGO" nongovernmental organization to provide the panels.  The board approved the project in 2012 and it was completed in early 2013. The electricty is being used to power small computers for micro businesses that have begun to prosper due to the extra time provided by the use of the solar ovens.    

Christmas Giving Tree

For more than 20 years the Victor-Farmington Rotary Club has partnered with Wades Market to erect a Christmas Tree of gift requests.  The requests are from children in need and senior citizens who typically would not receive gifts at Christmas time. Shoppers at Wades take requests from the tree and return the tag and gift for distributuion by the Rotary Club.  To date we have distributed more than 21,000 gifts.

Nicaraguan Solar Oven Project

In the rural mountains of Nicaragua women spend the majority of their day maintaining fires and cooking meals.  This leaves a smokey haze, causing respitory problems, and little time to do much of anything else.  Our club partnered with the Rotary club of Menagua to purchase and distribute 500 solar ovens.  This reduced the amount of smoke in the air, the distruction of the rain forest and left the women with more time to complete other tasks including starting new micro businesses. 

Park Pavillion

 The Victor Parks and Recreation department purchased a piece of property on Brace Rd. in Victor.  They planned to build a park with a fishing pond, playground and a pavilion.  They looked to our club for assistance.  The club worked with local building experts to provide a 20ft x 30ft picinic pavillion.  The pavillion was dedicated in 2011.

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